bills to payHi all,

I am still new here and desperately trying to make things work. I used to get 20+ hours a week, and that was down from full time. Well, now I am getting about 4-6 hrs every two weeks- so this pay check was a whopping $35! I can’t pay things. This is the first month that we have not somehow been able to find a way to make at least minimum payments on everything. But I can’t do it this month and there is not much chance things will improve at work so that I can get more hours.

We are working toward opening a family daycare home, but it will take a few weeks, maybe even 2 months is what I have been told by many that have done it. That will put us back where we can make our payments, though it won’t allow for a savings plan. And my husband has lots of leads for our side business (Granicrete- flooring/ countertops, etc) from a HomeShow last weekend. We should get several jobs out the hundreds of leads. Again, it will take some time to do the quotes and schedule people around his full time job. But, there is at least hope in sight.

The problem now is how to make it work for the next 2 maybe three months until that comes through and we get the daycare open. I am going to talk to several friends and family and see if they can help us, but if not I have to decide how to pay things and what to pay them. Here is a run down and any suggestions would be great. I really want to keep our credit as good as I can, especially since now maybe there is hope that we won’t have to file BK.

The bills I have to pay still this month:

  • Cell phone $112 (we can’t cancel them-contract but out would cost more than we have and we don’t have a land line)
  • Electric $295
  • Auto Ins. $237
  • Our Van $115
  • Our SUV $260 (which we are desperately trying to sell and have been for months!)
  • Our scooter (so cheap and great on gas- we pay 60/mth for 10 months on it)
  • Water $110
  • Internet $42
  • Equity loan $145
  • Home depot card- mine $60
  • Home depot card- husbands $60
  • Bank credit card $165
  • Visa $100

This does not account for any medical bills, and we have those as well and try to make a payment of $10 a month on those two accounts.

We have about 800 left to pay things and that is after I put 300 in saving for food and gas. We are a family of 7- so that is not much! Am I better off paying everyone partial payments? Paying somethings the full ammt due and not paying anything to the others? what is best as far as credit is concerned?

Sept has the same bills, but add the mortgage at $1225 and life ins at $70. We will get about $2200 next month if we don’t get any Granicrete jobs, etc- so worst case. I have to try to figure out the best way to do this for about 3 months. I have decided at the end of that time, if we have not gotten back on track with other jobs, the daycare, etc then we will file BK. Also, Matt, my husband, is trying to get a job in Iraq or Afghanistan.

He was in the British Infantry for nearly 11 yrs. I don’t like the idea and neither does he, but if he got a one year contract we would have most stuff paid off and have money in savings! We have been apart before and it is horrible, but right now he is working so much we don’t see him anyway, and we are still drowning!

What would you do???? Thanks in advance…. I can’t even think anymore!

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