Hi, My name is Cheryl. I am using my daugters computer so sometimes you might Emily but it’s me. I’m still figuring out this whole computer thing. Anyway, I would like to tell you guys what my financial situation is and hopefully you can help me.

My husband, Seth and I are 51 years old. We have two daughters Emily 15 and Claire 12. We have 28,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. Over 80% of that is medical and paying off other bills when we didn’t have the money. I am trying to find a part time job but it isn’t going well. I have been looking for over 6 months and have applied to every job I’ve found. I have not worked for seven years due to homeschooling the kids. Before that I was a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for over 20 years.

My degree is in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Seth works for USDA as a meat inspector and his min. base pay is about 1300 per two weeks. In Dec. our car of over 12 years died and so we had to buy a used van. It is a 2003 Pontiac Montana. It has been serving us very well but having the payments come out makes things very tight. We pay about 650.00 a month for our mortgage and then have car insurance, water, phone, electricity, our three credit card payments, 3 store charges that I have not used in a while and are just racked up because I use them for Christmas, I also have the internet bill but that comes directly out of our account.

Those are all of our monthly bills plus we spend about 60.00 per two week period on livestock feed for the turkeys, chickens and ducks, right now the goats are eating hay which is fine in summer and the rabbits only need feed about once a month or so. The only other things that have to come out of what is left is food and gas. As you can see things aren’t going all that well. If there is anything you see that I don’t that might help please let me know. Also if you need more information I can give you that. Thanks in Advance.

savingYour situation almost sounds like ours except that our 3 kids are now grown, however 2 of them are still at home. We also have a huge amount of credit card debt. Sure wish we had a $650 morgage, we just have a $1700 lease. I’m currently working on getting my FICO score up, it’s been a hard battle.

I’ve spent the last 5 years trying to get my score up from the high 500’s and it has been in the 600’s for the past 3 years. A couple of months ago I decided that I needed professionals help with my financial situation. The problem is that it costs a lot of money. A friend of mine recommended a company that provided financial services at affordable prices.

I looked into it and instead of the $800 to $100 bucks that some credit restoration companies charge, I’m paying $59.00 bucks a month for not only credit restoration, but my monthly membership pays for 24/7 access to a doctor for non-life threatening health issues, a debt elimination program that will help my pay off my debt in 1/3 to 1/2 the time my creditors would like, I also get identity theft protection with a product call LifeLock (link).

There are some other products in the membership that I haven’t had to use yet, like access to CPA and a Lawyer. I have been using the credit restoration service now for 2 months now and I just got a notification from my bank that gives me a monthly fico score for free from one credit bureau, transunion and it has jumped up 36 points. That put my score finally in the 670 range. It’s been hard because we have to really watch how we spend money. I just want to pay off my student loans and credit card debt.

Hopefully, I can hang on to my job. This economy is sure making it hard for a lot of people just to keep a job. If I lost my job, all of this hard work to restore my credit would go down the drain. I don’t have 2 cents to rub together as far as savings goes. I have a company IRA and that’s it. I’m looking at starting a home based business to make an extra 500 – 1000 bucks a month. I’m currenly a customer, but I think I might become a rep. The services have sure worked for me. I think that the only way I can better my situation is to reduce my monthly cost (somehow) and increase my monthly income. thanks for allowing me to ramble.

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