Well, a couple of idea’s:

  1. One, call around about your car insurance. It seems very high to me. However, I live in the “sticks” so if you live in a large city that may be the reason. However, I’m paying for 3 vehicles, only one has full coverage, and I have a 16 year old kid, but my insurance is still under $200 a month (without the 16 year old it’s $80 a month)..
  2. 2nd Turn the air conditioner up. I keep mine at about 75 and the bill is very reasonable. It’s comfortable in the house with the lack of humidity, I will set it down occasionally if I’m doing some heavy house cleaning or something, but it goes back up after that.
  3. 3rd, spend the $$ on those new light bulbs, saved us TONS. Of course there is the obvious turn off the lights!! LOL LOL LOL I keep the bathroom lights on, but if we are watching TV, the lights are off.
  4. 4th Water Bill, do whatever you can to make sure you shut the water off, and don’t let it run while you are cooking, or washing dishes. Time your showers, make sure you get in, wash, get out. No relaxing in there. Can you cut the kids down to a shower every other day? (not sure the age, impossible if you have teens, not too bad if they are toddlers or 8 yr. olds) How about yourself?? They say it is actually not good for your hair or skin to shower every day.

I don’t overly encourage this but to get you through a month sometimes the bank will let you “defer” a car payment. You would have to check with the bank to see if this would be possible and their rules. With ours they added a payment to the end of the loan but we had to pay the interest payment on the loan that month, and they wanted a legitimate reason for it. Now, keep in mind this extends the life of your loan, and some places have it where you can only do it 2X in a 2 year period. Well, you have to decide if you are in enough of an emergency now to warrant doing this or what will happen later if you have an even bigger emergency what will happen if you’ve lost your chance for a deferment.

If you’ve read on here much, sometimes you can make calls to your credit cards tell them you have a lower interest application sitting in front of you with a better interest rate and you will switch if the first card doesn’t lower your interest. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. You certainly don’t have anything to lose by trying it out.

OK, those are just some thoughts for you to think about. My experience, family etc… may be different than yours. So maybe you can’t do an every other day shower or maybe you have a scared kid, and just can’t turn all the lights out or the kidlet freaks out. You have to find what will work for your family and hopefully you will be able to really cut some of the spending on those “everyday–no choice” kind of bills.

I would pay the auto insurance, esp. if you plan on driving anywhere AND live in a mandatory ins. coverage state. I know in Ohio, if you are caught without it, you are in for a hell of a mess. Very expensive!